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Open Your Ears To: Neverwhere Adaptation Review

We wrote on Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere before, and now that the Neverwhere adaptation has been released and we’ve had time to digest the content, we at Larkable have something to say about it. Usually this writer prefers actual audiobooks as opposed to adaptations, but this Neverwhere adaptation is unlike any other radio production you’ll hear. The stars of the BBC radio Neverwhere adaptation are James McAvoy (Young Professor Charles Xavier) and Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell). McAvoy gets to let loose with his full Scottish accent…

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Jane Austen

Next Season on Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Meets Jane Austen

In a recent Q&A in Brazil, Eternal Troll Mark Gatiss teased fans that writers may feature another famous British novelist on Doctor Who. Since the revival of Doctor Who in 2005, writers have introduced our favorite time traveling alien to Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and two English Queens. Sorry, better make that three english queens: It’s been a fun and creative ploy, typically these episodes go over rather well with audiences.  Who didn’t love watching Queen Victoria facing down an errant werewolf?…

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peter capaldi as Islington

Need More X-Files? Just Check Out Neverwhere

It might not be FBI agents chasing aliens, but it does have a young Peter Capaldi. I call that a fair trade. Neil Gaiman, the creator of the incredible and underrated movie Stardust, wrote the screenplay for the BBC miniseries Neverwhere which some of the writers of Larkable watched recently. As fans of both Stardust and the 90’s hit sci-fi show X-Files, Neverwhere was right up our alley. If you can get through 10 minutes of the first episode, you’ll be hooked. Granted, it took…

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American Gods Cover

Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Neil Gaiman’s American Gods TV Show

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods deserves the best production quality, and I’m not so sure it will get it, now. As one of my personal favorite books, I already had mixed feelings about how a TV show adaptation might ‘ruin’ my well-imagined world of men and mystery. Now, with the announcement that HBO is no longer handling the production of the show, doubt continues to grow. Today, FreemantleMedia (American Idol, The X Factor) has announced that they finalized the rights to turn this award-winning depiction of…

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