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People's Choice Feature

Vote for People’s Choice Awards 2015

Fandoms assemble! We need you to cast your votes for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, stat! People’s Choice is coming up on January 7th and it’s not too late to get your vote in. Vote for your favorites at People’s Choice here! It’s going to be hard, fellow fans. Like, really hard. Just look at a few of the choices of the Favorite Movie! This year’s choices are incredibly difficult for movies. When it comes to the Oscars in a few more weeks, it won’t…

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I wish I had friends as cool as these people

10 Things That Happen When You Marathon 3 Seasons of Big Bang Theory in 3 Days

Binge-watching. Is there any activity better known by Millenials? When we aren’t busy working those obnoxious service jobs or updating Facebook, browsing the latest addition on Netflix is likely your next stop (as a fellow Millenial, this observation is made without judgement). And what’s wrong with that? Well, in this weather: absolutely nothing. But sometimes, coming off a three day binge can be the hardest part. ¬†You find yourself waiting for the wheezing groan of the TARDIS in the garden outside. You imagine intricate deductions…

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The Big Bang Theory

Why Haters of “The Big Bang Theory” Need to Calm Down

E! broke the news that The Big Bang Theory is renewed not for one season, but 3 more seasons, and this is why you should celebrate. This makes my day! The Big Bang Theory is quite possibly my favorite show on basic cable…maybe it’s tied with Community. Those are two different comedy genres, so it’s not really fair to pit them against each other. TBBT defined modern Geek Chic with Sheldon’s iconic overlaying double tees, Leonard’s hoodie hanging out of his jacket, Howard’s dickies, and…

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