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People's Choice Feature

Vote for People’s Choice Awards 2015

People's Choice Awards

Fandoms assemble! We need you to cast your votes for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards, stat!

People’s Choice is coming up on January 7th and it’s not too late to get your vote in.

Vote for your favorites at People’s Choice here!

It’s going to be hard, fellow fans. Like, really hard. Just look at a few of the choices of the Favorite Movie!

Best Movie

This year’s choices are incredibly difficult for movies. When it comes to the Oscars in a few more weeks, it won’t be so painful to wait and hear who the winner is, but the selection of movies for People’s Choice Awards is so good, it’s going to be tough. I’ll be biting my nails until the results! I mean, just check out the Rotten Tomatoes ratings on these options, it was all fan favorites this year! (I’ll give you a hint: all the Marvel Movies have over 90% user ratings and at least 90% critic ratings. These were some quality films. It’s going to be a close call.)

Favorite Movie Actress

And what about Favorite TV Show? HOW DO WE CHOOSE?!

Favorite TV Show

That is, of course, just for Favorite TV show. It also breaks down into subcategories. So you have ample opportunity to vote for Supernatural, Gracepoint, Castle, Once Upon A Time, Selfie, Flash, Constantine, Forever, Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones…you guys, there’s a ton here. And not only do the categories break out, but there’s a lot of opportunities to vote for your favorite actors.

Favorite Action Movie Actor

It can’t be left to one person. That’s why everyone needs to come out of the woodwork and vote for their favorite shows. The fandoms will be heard!

Keep the faith, our fellows, and vote!

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